Deep in the southernmost reaches of Brooklyn, the Hendrick I. Lott house is a living time capsule of Gotham history, an extraordinary survivor from the Age of Discovery—50 years older than America itself, built as Swift began Gulliver's Travels and Bach completed the Brandenburg Concertos; a home to scores of women and men, immigrant and native-born, enslaved and free, who helped transform a wild land into New York City.

Look Here Project

What did Marine Park look like years ago? Which local businesses are still here? What was at your favorite neighborhood spot 60 years go? Find out through our Look Here! exhibit. Find signs throughout the neighborhood or explore it virtually here.

Virtual Tour

Take a look at our 3D models of the Lott House.

Slave Quarters

Underground Railroad part 1  –  part 2

Hall/Parlor (high resolution)

Augmented Reality can be accessed on your mobile device. This requires the Adobe Aero app, available free.

Guided tour – designed for a large open space where you can walk around.

Dollhouse model