What is the Lott House?
The Lott House is a rare surviving example of Brooklyn’s agrarian past. Noted as the longest continually owned and occupied property by a single family in New York City, the Lott House was home to generations of farmers. It is also recognized by New York State as an Underground Railroad site.

When was the house built?
The oldest portion of the Lott House dates to 1720. This is incorporated into the larger 1800 house.

Is the Lott House or grounds open to visitors?
Currently the Lott House and grounds are closed as renovation works continue.

Who are Friends of the Lott House?
Friends of the Lott House (FLH) is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to the preservation, restoration, conservation, and operation of the historic Lott House. The house is managed by FLH under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and Historic House Trust.

How can I make a donation to Friends of the Lott House?
Please click here or go to the ‘Donate’ button on the home page. Thank you!

Are bicycles allowed on the Lott House grounds?
Bicycles are not allowed on the Lott House property.

Can the Lott House be rented for a special event, i.e., wedding, film & photo shoot, birthday party, etc.?
Currently we are not accepting special event inquiries for the interior. Exterior film and photo shoots inquiries can be made to press@lotthouse.org

How can I arrange a tour of the inside of the Lott House?
Please email your request to FLH@lotthouse.org. As FLH is a volunteer organization we cannot guarantee that we can meet your request but will make every effort to do so.

Can I advertise with Friends of the Lott House?
We do not offer advertising opportunities at this time. However, we do plan to offer corporate sponsorship opportunities down the road.

Where can I submit an idea for the Lott House?
Please share your feedback with us at FLH@lotthouse.org

Can I take pictures of the yard and house?
Yes, exterior only, but until the grounds and interior are opened, you must do so from outside the fence.